Finally Tumblr have come to their senses and realised that the internet needs me, my illiterate rambling sand my giant penis once again. What a treat for you all! Head back over to www.deathanddumb.tumblr.com for the usual faggotry!

D&D xxx


Its a sad day. All of my posts and stories and shit have just been removed, vanished. Gone forever.

I know its only a blog, but its been like a diary for me. The first place I come to when I need someone to talk to. Documenting my disfucntional and suicidal family. The non existent relationship with my Dad and longing for some kind of chance at having a father figure. Spending years hating how I looked and finally getting over the fact that I am not a fat little faggot anymore. (I’m a much slimmer, bigger faggot!) Opening up about how tough it was for me dealing with my sexuality. And all of you have helped that. Meeting the man of my dreams and falling in love with him all written down and posted on my blog. Our engagement and I was kinda hoping to share the wedding on the blog, that would have been cool. Working with amazing guys like Greg Bailey, Exterface and Nooka who have given me so much confidence and made this blog become more and more successful

And it hasn’t just all been for my benefit. Somehow this little blog that started with 2 followers and ended up with almost 12.5k touched quite a few of you. I have had so many messages from incredible people. Telling me that I somehow helped them get though a tough time. I can’t remember how many times I have been told that I helped guys come out as gay, and thanking me for being so honest. Even just introducing someone to a new band and them thanking me has been incredible, or even guys just saying how they had a really good wank looking and my big dick haha I salute you all! Anyway I’m getting all emotional. Weep.

I’m not really sure where to go from here but you certainly haven’t heard the last of me. I don’t really trust Tumblr anymore. They burnt my diary. For now just follow me here and incase the Nazis find me and delete this follow me over on twitter. I think I’m going to try and set up a proper website but i’ll let you all know. Spread the word guys and let everyone know I’m not dead! yet!

Miss you already :( D&D xxx